Project of supporting students in Bodhgaya, India 

Urgent Flood Relief Charity

We are seeking donation for urgent flood relief charity to Surya Bharti School in Bodhgaya.  


In August 2014, there was historical heavy rain in the state of Bihar, it caused serious damages as flood in huge area.  Surya Bharti School had also been damaged by heavy rain and flood which kept the school building soaked in water over 18 days.  The water flooded above more than 1 meter height, and computers and butteries became useless by the water.  The lower parts of the bookshelves and lockers became rotten.  We would like you to ask donation for the urgent flood relief. We are waiting for your co-operation.

Angel Aid Association supports "Mothers & Infants Health Care Project"!

"Mothers & Infants Health Care Project"! provides hygienic education, instruction of child growth, and Health education to mothers in villages under the guidance of a public health nurse, nurses, and doctors in Japan in order to improve nutrition and health condition of the infants in villages around Bodhgaya.   Mothers' knowledge save lives of children.

You can help the project to purchase the handicrafts made by women who trained in our job training project in the poor villages. 

You can help our activities by donation and you will get post cards made by children in Surya Bharti School!