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<Ex-students of the first year graduation from Surya Bharti School. They study in colleges as 3rd grade(March 2015) after taking Matriculation exam by CBSE in March 2012. >

I had expected 5 students among 18 students can get first level as seeing their usual result, but the other students also tried their best and all of them got first level results.  It means their results were higher than average of all students took the CBSE Matriculation exam.  The Matriculation exam by CBSE is a examination in English run by central government of India, and its level is much different from the matriculation (in Hindi) of Bihar board by the state government of Bihar.  This CBSE Matriculation result is very useful to get a job or go to college or university all over India.  In 2008, we suddenly changed our textbook to English from Hindi in our school.  These ex-students of the first year graduation from our school were in 7th grade at that time.  They used to study English as one of subjects, since having changed into English medium, they had started to learn all the subjects in English, I knew it was very hard for them.  It took a year to settle down with English.  However, the improvements were found in some of the subjects like Math after 2 or 3 years.  As having those problems, they did their best with great efforts, all of them were able to get first level result in CBSE.  Honestly speaking, I couldn't believe that they had gotten the results as it was, because they competed with the other students who studied all subjects in English from the starting point in private schools.  I think their hopes and dreams for the future became the power to their efforts and they did it.  There are some students who studied in our school named children school (before changing name to Surya Bharti School) among them.  (13 students studied in our school since it had started.  5 students entered after some years.)

<Ex-students of the second year graduation from Surya Bharti School. They study in colleges as 2nd grade(March 2015) after taking Matriculation exam by CBSE in March 2013.>

All of the ex-students of second year graduation from Surya Bharti School took the Matriculation by CBSE in March 2013, and obtained first level results.  And they appeared in a test for the super 30 scholarship of the institution for IIT in Patna, and 4 students among them got their names in the list of higher marks of 286 students.  These 4 students received a qualification of admission to the institute and partial scholarship, although they couldn't be selected as Super 30 scholarship students of free of total tuition fee.  And other 5 students got a qualification for admission.  25000 students appeared in this test from all Bihar, many of them were from famous brilliant private schools too.  So, it was great that our 4 students came up in the 286 higher marks students list.   However, we decided to give up to allow them to study there in Patna because of the high cost of tuition fees,  foods, and houses.  Then, we decided let them to go to the institution for IIT in Gaya(till March 2014).  The institute in Gaya produced some students who passed the engineering exam for IIT and have been admitted in various colleges of IIT like IIT Delhi or IIT kanpur etc.  After 2 years preparation, our students will appear in the engineering exam for the grade of 10+3 above.  They are now going to local colleges(Gaya college etc. in 10+2 grade).

★GAYA COLLEGE GAYA ----12 persons   



★Sanjay Gandhi Memorial College---1 person

<Ex-students of the third year graduation from Surya Bharti School.  They study in colleges as first grade(March 2015) after taking Matriculation exam by CBSE in March 2014.>

Our students appeared in the Matriculation exam of CBSE run by Central government of India.  There is another Matriculation exam of Bihar board run by the state of Bihar, we select CBSE because of the credit although it is in English and very hard for students.  All of our students who graduated in third year from Surya Bharti School got first level results.

CGPA score : Rani Kumari 7, Prahlad Kumar 7.6, Babita Kumari 7, Ritesh Kumar 7, Dhananjay Kumar 7.8, Nitu Kumari 7.2, Rahul Kumar 7.2, Abhay Kumar 6.8, Anchal Kumari 8.6, Chanesh Kumar 8.6, Birendra Kumar 7, Dileep Kumar 9, Ajay Kumar 7.4, Sonam Kumari 8.6, Sarvottam Kumar 8.8

CGPA9=85.5% CGPA6.8=64.6%